The little boy climbed the tree by holding the trunk with both his hands.
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9th English (TL)

Textbook Solutions 

Poetry -3


C1. Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or a
sentence each.
1. How did the little boy climb the tree?
Ans - The little boy climbed the tree by holding the trunk with both his hands.

2. Why did he climb it?
Ans - He climbed the tree to explore and see see foreign lands and explore new places.

3. What did he see in the next-door garden?
Ans - In the next door garden, he saw flowers.

4. What does the boy wish to see?
Ans - The boy wishes to see a higher tree from where he can see even farther, including the grown-up river flowing into the sea among the ships.

5. "How would it be if all the playthings come alive?" Discuss in groups and write about ten sentences.
Ans - If all the playthings come alive, it would be a magical experience for children.
(This question raises the imagination of what it would be like if all the toys and playthings magically came alive. In groups, students can discuss and write about various scenarios)

a. Pick out the rhyming words and add two more words to it.
- Tree, me (rhyming words)
- See, sea (additional rhyming words)

b. Which stanza of the poem do you like the most? Why?
-The first stanza I liked the most because it describes the beauty of childhood experiences and imagination.
(The answer will vary based on individual preferences.Students can express which stanza they like the most)

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