10th English 3rd Language 1. Faithful Friend

Flatterers cannot be my faithful friend.
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Subject - English (3rd Language)

Textbook Solution

Poetry 1. Faithful Friend


I. Comprehension:
A. Answer the following questions:
1. Who cannot be your faithful friend?
Answer: Flatterers cannot be my faithful friend.

2. When will everyone be your friend?
Answer: Everyone will be your friend when I have wealth or resources to spend.

3. What will faithless friends do when you lose your wealth?
Answer: Faithless friends will abandon me when I lose my wealth.

4. What will one call you when you are prodigal?
Answer: They will call me bountiful if I am prodigal.  

5. What will such friends do if you are inclined to vice?
Answer: Such friends will quickly entice me towards vice.

6. Will faithless friends be with you when you part with your fortune?
Answer: No,Faithless friends will not be with me when I part with my fortune.


B. Answer the following questions:
1. How can you test the faithfulness of your friend?
Answer: I can test the faithfulness of my friend by observing if he stand by me and support me during times of misery and need.

2. Who, according to the poet, can be a faithful friend?
Answer: According to the poet, faithful friends are hard to find, suggesting that it is rare to find someone who remains loyal and supportive in difficult times.

3. Sketch the characteristics of a faithful friend.
Answer: A faithful friend is someone who stays with you through thick and thin, providing support, loyalty, and understanding. They don't just praise and flatter you in good times but offer genuine assistance in times of need.

4. Write the summary of the poem "Faithful Friends."
Answer: The poem "Faithful Friends" highlights the fickle nature of human relationships.It emphasizes that those who flatter you in good times may not be true friends when you face difficulties.True friends are hard to find and are characterized by their faithfulness and support during times of misery and need.

C. Rhyming words:
Rhyming words in the poem:
Thee - misery
Wind - find
Spend - friend
Scant - want
Prodigal - call
Vice - entice
Frown - renown
Before - more


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