9th Grade English 1.The Queen Bee Lesson Notes

Prose - 1.The Queen Bee
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Class - 

Board - State Board Karnataka

Syllabus - State

Sub. - English (3rd Language)

Prose - 1.The Queen Bee

Topic covered - Comprehension,Vocabulary

C1. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each.
    1.Where did the two brothers go one day?
Ans.- In search of work, the three brothers left their city one day.
2.Did the dwarf allow the brothers to kill the ducks?Why?
Ans.- No.They enjoyed themselves because they were poor things.
3.All these acts of the dwarf show that he is a person who........ (choose the best answer)
a. does not want to eat
b. does not want to harm animals and insects.
c.thinks that they may help him in future.
d. thinks that they are useless creatures. d.
Ans.- b. does not want to harm animals and insects.
4."Let the poor things enjoy themselves. Please don't ished trouble them.
i. Who said this?
Ans.- The Dwarf said this.
ii. Who are the poor things?
Ans.- Ants are the poor things.
iii. Who should not trouble them?
Ans.- Dwarf's brothers.
5.Which place did they reach at last?
Ans.- Finally, they reached a castle.
6. What did they see there?
Ans.- There they saw horses, people, king, princes, queen and princesses.Everyone was turned into stones. There was not a single man alive.
C2. 1. How did the birds and creatures help the dwarf to complete the tasks successfully? Complete the given table.


2.Why did the two brothers fail to do the first task, and what happened to them?
Ans.- Because the two brothers did not help each other.So they failed to complete their task in time.As a result, they turned into stone.
3. Working in pairs or groups, write a short paragraph on the following. (Clues may help you)

How could the dwarf complete all the three given tasks?

The dwarf was a good man………..intelligent……not harm anyone………wants to live and let others live…… Knows how to make good use of the situation.
The dwarf was a good man who was also intelligent. He did not harm anyone and wanted to live and let others live. Additionally, he knew how to make good use of the situation. With these qualities, he was able to complete all three given tasks by using his intelligence and resourcefulness to find creative solutions to the challenges he faced. He also likely treated others with kindness and respect, which may have helped him to gain the support and assistance of those around him.

V1. Fill in the blanks giving one word for the following. The answers are hidden in the puzzle. Find them. Work in pairs. One is done for you.
1. It is very precious. Ornaments are made out of it, PEARL

2. Another word for tasty food is - "delicious"
3. A living house for birds is called a - "nest"
4. A kind of stone or rock which is white in color is - "marble"
5. Something used to open a lock is called a - "key"
6. Birds build nests in - "trees"
7. Swimmers jump into the water - " diving”
8. Coming to life - "alive"
9. Kings and queens live in a - "palace"
V2. Arrange the following group of words into meaningful sentences.
Work in groups.
under /the /were /the /pearls /moss
Ans.- 1. The pearls were under the moss.
2.ants/ to /dwarf /five /thousand /came /help/ the
Ans.- Five thousand ants came to help the dwarf.
3. stone /marble /turned /was /he /into
Ans.- He was turned into marble stone.
4. princess /the/had /eaten /youngest /honey
Ans.- The youngest princess had eaten honey.

L1. When you go through the text, you come across contrac forms of certain words. published
For example:
Don't - do not
Can't - cannot
Some more contracted words
What is - What's
We are - We're
Will not - Won't
What is - What's
They are - They're
Did not - Didn't
These contracted forms are used in informal talks and writings.
Write contracted forms for the underlined in the following dialogues.
One is done for you.

Ram : Why did you not come to school yesterday?

(didn't you)
Suma : I was not well. I cannot come to school for two more days.

(wasn't)  , (can't)
Ram : I see, you do not come to school. I will inform your class teacher.

(don't) (I’ll)
Suma : Thank you.
Sundar : Hello Raghu. How are you? I have not seen you for long.

(How're)   (haven't)
Raghu : Hello. I am fine. I was not in town. I went to see my grandfather who was ill.

Sundar : Sorry to hear that. How is he now?

Raghu : He is better now.
L2. Uses of 'can' and 'could'
Look at the following sentences.
1.I can climb this tree (ability)
2. Can I come in? (permission)
3.Accident can happen even at home (possibility).
'can' is used to express
a. ability
b. permission
c. possibility.

What does 'can' mean in the following sentences ? Write the answer.
e.g. :1. Can I have a cup of coffee? (Permission)
2. I can solve this problem. (Ability)
3. I can lift this box. (Ability)
4. Malaria can be dangerous. (Possibility)
5. You can go now. (Permission)
6. That man can get well soon if he goes to a doctor. (Possibility)
Could' is the past tense of 'Can' in some contexts.It is used to express
a. The ability in the past
b. Polite request in the form of question.
1. I could have given him a cup of coffee.
2. I could have solved his problem easily.
3. I could lift this stone easily.
4. Could I speak to the principal please?

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