Ambedkar Jayanti Speech in English 02

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Jayanti Speech in English
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Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Jayanti 
Speech in English 02 

       Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was the builder of Indian constitution.He was born on 14th April 1891 at Mahu. He encouraged untouchables to fight for their rights and graceful life in 1930 he represented the untouchables in the round table and raise his voice strongly demanding the equal rise for them.

            Dr. B.R.Ambedkar is leader of modern India because of him only we get the best constitution in the world.We all salute this great leader for his vision and inspiring life and to honour him India celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti on 14th April every year.




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