1st November is Karnataka Rajyotsav Day which is a celebration of all the people of Karnataka.
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      Honorable President guests,teachers and my classmates.Let me start my speech by wishing you all on Kannada Rajyotsava.

    It is our fortune to be born in the state of Karnataka glorified by below words.

A land of beautiful river forests
Land of Sant-Das-Shivasharan
A tourist's paradise
Historical land
Land of sages
The land of knights
Suvarna Bhumi
Srigandha Nadu
1st November is Karnataka Rajyotsav Day which is a celebration of all the people of Karnataka.Rajyotsav Day is celebrated on 1st November every year in our state of Karnataka.On 1st November 1956, Mysore State was formed by uniting all the Kannada speakers of South India. Since then this day is is celebrated as Karnataka Foundation Day Or as Karnataka State Festival.
On November 1, Red-Yellow Kannada flags are hoisted at important places in the state.And the day is celebrated with pride by singing Kannada anthem 'Jai Bharat Jananiya Tanujate, Jai Hey Karnataka Maate'.
Rajyotsava is celebrated in Karnataka by majority of Hindus,Muslims and Christians irrespective of religion.The award will be announced by the state government on the day of Karnataka Rajyotsava.Rajyotsava Awards are given by the Karnataka State Government.Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated in other parts of Karnataka like Mumbai and Delhi.
Your role in Rajyotsava celebration is important.Keeping in mind the contribution made by our forefathers, we are determined to preserve the glorious history and step on new heights of progress.
Thank You all

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