ENGLISH Comprehension 5

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        Nisha went to the park. She has a big kite. It is red. She likes to fly her kite.She can give it to her brother. They can fly the kite together.

Fill in the blanks.

(park , kite , big )

1.Nisha went to the                             .

2.Nisha has a        kite.

3.They can fly the                   together.

True (✅) or  False (❎)

1.Nisha has a big kite.  [        ]

2.She likes to fly a balloon.  [        ]

3.Nisha's kite is red in colour.  [        ]

4.They can fly the kite together. [        ]

Answer the following..

1.Where did Nisha go?   

A ) park    

B) hotel     

C) ground

Ans. - 

2.What does she have?

A ) a ball                

B) a kite             

C) a balloon

Ans. - 


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