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IMP QUESTIONS,RC AND MCQ for board exam..



                EXAM - SSLC 

               BOARD - KSEEB,BANGALORE.

                SUBJECT - EXAM


    Source - ಸ್ಫೂರ್ತಿ 2021-22 (BENGALURU RURAL)



Four alternatives are given below. Choose the correct one to complete the incomplete statement:

1. It took months of negotiation to come to an understanding this shows that the old man was

a. understanding

b. quick

c. unhurried

d. witty

2. The old man came to the office to

a. meet the lawyer

 b. meet the Americans

c. Sign the sale deed

d. argue that he was the owner of the land

3 .The old man was accompanied by

a. his friends

b. parents

c. people

d. a dark young man

4. Don had a number of “innumerable kin”. It means he had a number of

a. trees

b. children

c. relatives

d. followers

5. The old man in his coat looked like

a. Senator Catron

b. lawyer

c. an American

d. Spanish

6. The old man removed his hat and gloves slowly and carefully. This action is compared to

a. Hero

b. An old man

c. land lord

d. Charlie Chaplin

7. The old man removed his hat and gloves slowly and carefully because

a. they were new and costly

b. It was the custom of the people in Spain

c. He did not want them to get spoiled

d. It was a sign of respect

8. The language spoken in Rio and Medio is

a. French

b. German

c. English

d. Spanish

9. Don Anselmo showed his respect to others by

a. bowing

b. shaking hands

c. removing his hat

d. moving his head and hands

10. The old man carried a cane which was actually

a. stick

b. steel rod

c. a skeleton of a worn out umbrella

d. stylish stick

11. The young man who accompanied the old man had eyes like

a. lotus

b. gazelle

c. fish

d. clear

12. The old man wore a coat named

a. farmer’s coat

b. Spanish coat

c. rain coat

d. Prince Albert’s

13. The lines from the text which suggest that the old man was a farmer is

a. he loved trees

b. he planted trees for children

c. he tilled the same land they had tilled

d. he loved his people

14. In the first meeting of the old man and the Americans, they talked about rain and the old

man’s large family. It was

a. to mock his large family

b. a custom of the Americans

c. to prepare every one for the main talk

d. to make all know that it had not rained in the area

15. According to the surveyor the old man owned the land

a. four acres

b. eight acres

c. more than eight acres

d. only one acre

16. Don Anselmo took only 12 hundred dollars for the land finally because

a. the story teller failed to convince

b. Don Anselmo was a man of principles

c. It costs more than that amount

d. he sold only the land not the trees

17. It took a week to arrange another meeting because the old man

a. deliberately delayed

b .was slow

c. was not in the station

d. was ill

18. Don Anselmo says, “The Americans are good people”. Because he wanted to

a. appreciate them

 b. mock at them

c. express his sincere feelings

d. flatter them

19. Americans are Buena Gente. The highlighted word means

a. aristocratic people

b. good people

c. proud people

d. sincere people

20. The Gentle man Don Anselmo was very fond of

a. children

b. money

c. ten land

d. dress

21. Legally saying the trees should belong to

a. Don Anselmo

b. the Americans

c. the children of Rio –en Medio

d. the story teller

22. Don Anselmo inherited the house from

a. his granny

b. his relatives

c. his mother

d. his father

23. Don Anselmo sold his land but he didn’t sell

a. house

b. land

c. trees in the orchard

d. fruits in his land

24. The children of Rio en Medio were Don Anselmo’s

a. sobrinos and nietos

b. grandchildren

c. friends

d. share holders

25. A piece of land where fruits and trees are grown is called

a. a cottage

b. a forest

c. an orchard

d. a creek

26. Don’s dress makes us think that he was

a. poor

b. rich

c. middle class

d. insane

27. According to Don Anselmo, the real owners of the trees were

a. Don Anselmo himself

b. the Americans

c. The story teller

d. the children of Rio en Medio

28. Don Anselmo didn’t sell the trees because

a. Trees were like children to me

b. They were grown for the children of next generation

c. He had grown them in memory for every child birth

d. He wanted his surroundings to be green

29. Don Anselmo was a

a. miser

b. greedy man

 c. generous man

d. spendthrift man

30. In the meeting of the old man and the Americans, they talked about rain the old man’s

large family. It was

a. to mock his large family

b. to break the ice

c. a custom of the Americans

d. to make themselves comfortable

II Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.

1. What makes you think that Don Anselmo was a man of principles?

2. Why did the Americans want to buy Don Anselmo’s land?

III. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.

1. “We have all learned to love these Americans.”

a. Who is the speaker?

Don Anselmo

b. What was the property sold by the speaker?

His ancestral property

c. Why did the speaker not sell the trees?

According to him, the trees did not belong to him. It belonged to the children of the village.

2. It took months of negotiation to come to an understanding with the old man.

a. Who is the ‘old man referred to here?

Don Anselmo

b. Why did it take months to come to an understanding?

Anselmo was in no hurry to sell his land. He wanted to sell it to good people would pay each child of the village, their due.


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