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Answer the following questions.
1) How many coins did each son collect?

Ans :   The sons collected coins as follows.

              Second collected sixty coins.

              Minute collected sixty coins.

              Hour collected twenty four coins.

              Day collected seven coins.

              Week collected four coins.

              Month collected twelve coins.

            & Year collected one Nugget.

2) How should we show respect to Second?
s: We will show respect to Second by making the best use of him.

3) What are the metals mention in the story?
s: Iron,Steel,Bronze, Silver,Gold,Diamond,Nugget etc.

A. Answer the following in a word, phrase or sentence each:
1. Name the brothers beginning from the eldest.
s: Year,Month,Week, Day, Hour, Minute and Second.

2. How many gold coins Week collected when Month collected twelve diamond coins?  

Ans: When Month collects twelve diamond coins,Week collected forty eight gold coins.

3. How many diamond coins did Month collect,when Year collected ten nuggets?
s: When Year collects ten nuggets,the Month collected one hundred and twenty (120) 
diamond coins.


4. Why did Second go into hiding?

Ans: Because Sceond felt that no one cared for him.So Second informed Father Time and went into hiding.

5. What did the people request Father Time?
s: The people requested Father Time to send back second.

6. What did Father Time tell the people?
s: Father Time told the people as Second is the smartest and the most hard working.

B. Write about the best way to make use of time in four or five sentences.
s: 1. Always do he work in time.

A. 1. Match the items of column A with the names in column B by drawing a line.

             A                                          B
1) Sixty seconds make a               a) day

2) Sixty minutes make an             b) month

3) Twenty four hours make a       c) week.

4) Seven days make a                    d) minute

5) Four weeks make a                  e) year

6) Twelve months make a            f) hour



             A                                                  B
1) Sixty seconds make a                d) minute

2) Sixty minutes make an             f) hour          


3) Twenty four hours make a       a) day   


4) Seven days make a                  c) week.


5) Four weeks make a                    b) month

6) Twelve months make a            e) year


s:  1. Sixty seconds make a minute.

2. Sixty minutes make an hour

3. Twenty four hours make a day

4. Seven days make a week.

5. Four weeks make a month.

6. Twelve months make a year.

B. The family of TIME is hidden in the grid. Circle them and write them in the space provided.


D. Observe the picture carefully. Fill in the blanks with the words given below :

1. The butterfly is sitting on the flower.

2. The old man is walking with the stick.

3. The ice cream vendor is selling ice cream to the children.

4. The fish is in the water.

5. The frog is jumping into the pool.

6. The children are playing behind the ice cream vendor.

7. The groundnut vendor is beside the entrance gate.

E. Choose the correct words and fill in the blanks.

1. I get up from (from / of) bed at half past six in the morning.

2. I have breakfast at (on / at) seven.

3. I leave for (to / for) school at (at / on) a quarter to eight.

4. I attend the prayer at (on / at) nine.

5. I talk to (by / to) my friends at (at/on) quarter past twelve.

6. I eat my lunch at (on /at) half past twelve.

7. I play with (with / to) my friends at (by / at) half past two.

8. I leave for (in / for) home at half past four.


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