Model/Practice Paper – I SSLC - II Language English

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     Max Marks – 40



I . Answer the following questions by selecting the correct option from those given. 1*40=40

41.  Why do you look at me while you say? Who said?

a.         Swami’s father

b.          Swami’s mother                                

c.           Swami’s Granny                                

d.         Swami’s friend

42.  When Swami’s father pulled away Swami’s blanket, for Swami he looked like

a) an apparition     

b) a brave man       

c) burglar               

d) a head master

43.  Who was Baleshwar?

a.     Graduate      

b.     an high school dropout                           

c.      a Post graduate

d.    an illiterate

44.  The district were Roma was lived in

a) Thane    

b) Mumbai

c) Pune      

d) Mirzapur

45.  Don Anselmo did not sell the trees because………

a. Trees were like children to them.

b. They were grown for the children of the next generation.

c.   he though they didn’t belong to him but to the children.

d. he wanted his surrounding

46.  Ambedkar spent most of his life by………………

a) Purchasing books

b. attending conference                                     

c. reading books                                               

d. importing books

47.  Ambedkar set up the institution such as………………….

a. Depressed home.   

b. Hitakarini Sabha   

c. Labour Home.       

d. Bahishkrit Bharat

48.  “We perform for the boy’ who said this?

a.  Ustad Allah Rakha

b.   Pandit Ravi Shankar

c.    Mustachioed man

d. Organizer

49.  After the unsuccessful expedition to the schools, Satish became very moody. The word ‘expedition’ in the above sentence means.............

a.       journey                   

b.        visit                       

c.        c. mountaineering   

d.      d. painting

50.  Satish Gujral is a famous.............

a.             artist          

b.             politician   

c.              social worker                         

d.            doctor

51.  For granny, ‘a quiet week in bed’ was like …………………..

a.       hell            

b.       heaven      

c.        prison       

d.       jail

52.  Grandma was a genius because ……………………………..

a.       she was skilful    

b.       she could climb a tree                                    

c.        she was good      

d.       she loved trees

53.  His scepter shows............. Here ‘Scepter’ can be identified with

a.          poor man          

b.         a teacher            

c. a king                                                          

d. a minister

54.  A decorated road carried by a king as a symbol of power is called a

a.                  throne            

b.                 crown            

c.                  robe               

d.                 scepter




55.  The poet is querulous because he

A.                 Has no song to sing about mother India

B.               Is angry on mother India

C.               Was hurted by his wife

D.               None of the above

56.  ‘Of your children that died to call their own’ your children here refers to

A. Patriots          

B. Freedom Fighters                                    

C. Seer                

D. Poets

57.     The musical instrument mentioned in the poem is

A. flute                 

b. table.                


d. saxophone

58.  His wrinkled old face so full of the weariness of living. (These line shows  that)

Jazz player was…………………..

A. an old man full of worries                     

b. old but cheerful

c. old man tired of living                           

d. tired of his Winkles

59.  The leader of the procession was……….

a.           Suman

b.           Mohan

c.            Manju 

d.           Babu

60.  In Memory of Hanif the army has renamed

a.           A mountain Peak

b.           a sub sector

c.            Turtuk sector

d.           Kashmir Valley

61.  Choose correct collocative word

Swift         -  

a. action   

b. escape  


d. habit

62.  Complete the sentence below. Use prefixes with the words underlines:

He began to feel terribly drowsy and soon fell conscious.

a.           disconscious

b.          misconscious

c.           unconscious

d.          irconscious

63.  Pick out the word which has only one/mono syllable:

a.           Table  

b.           honest

c.           graph  

d.           device

64. Pick out correct word for the following the question.

Yellow or brown coloured wine- 

a.           Sherry

b.           Commuter

c.            Sceptre

d.           Creek

65.  Choose suitable Question Tag

I am a famous lawyer. ……..?

a. Amn’t I?                                                    

b. Aren’t I?                                                    

c. Isn’t I?                                                        

d. Won’t I?


66.  Read the given conversation and choose the language function of the underlined   sentence:

Student : Good morning, Sir

In-charge: Good morning. Thank you. What can I do for you?

Student: I am Geetha, a student of Class IX. I am interested in joining the summer camp. Could I have the details, please?

(A) Order

(B) Request

(C) Obey

(D) Advice


67. Choose suitable frame the question for given sentence.

 Sanjay and Supriya are Radha's cousins.

a)       Who do Radha‟s cousins?

b)       Who are Radha‟s cousins?

c)     Who Radha‟s cousins are?

d)     Who were Radha‟s cousins?

68. Choose the suitable article.

January is ...... first month

a.           the   

b.           a     

c.            an   

d.           no article

69.  Choose suitable Preposition

Dr. Ambedkar had talented skill          the field of law and legislation

a.           on  

b.           in

c.            at  

d.           of

70. Choose suitable correct form of the verb.

See,how he ................. (be+stand)

a.           was standing   

b.           is standing      

c.            are standing

d.           were standing

71.  Read the conversation and identify the infinity.

Master : I have a guest tonight. Prepare something good.

But don‟t forget to make some sweets.

Cook : fine sir,is Dhal,Roti and Halwa okay?

Master : Yes.


(a) Have       

(b) Prepare  

(c) forget      

(d) to make

72.  Identify underlined word parts speech.

I hurt Myself     

a.     Noun      

b.       Pronoun 

c.     adjective

d.    verb

73.  God sees the truth………waits. choose suitable linker.

a.           but

b.           for             

c.            though

d.           as


74.  I don‟t waste water. The passive voice of the sentence is…….

a.  Water wasn’t wasted by me.

b.    Water isn’t wasted by me.

c.    Water aren’t wasted by me.

d.   Water cannot wasted by me.

75.  Ramesh said, “I believe in ghosts”. The correct Reported speech is ….

a.      Ramesh said that he believes in ghosts.

b.      Ramesh said if he believes in ghosts.

c.    Ramesh said that he believed in ghosts.

d.     Ramesh said that she believed in ghosts.

76.  Very few boys are as tall as abdul. The correct superlative degree is ……

a.     Abdul was one of the tallest boy.

b.    Abdul is one of the tallest boy.

c.     Abdul are one of the tallest boy.

d.   Abdul were one of the tallest boy.

II. Read the following passage and chose correct answer.

Charlie Chaplin (Charles Spencer Chaplin) was born on 16th April at Kennington in London. At an early age Charlie performed on stage with his father and brother, Sydney, by the age of eighth, Charlie Chaplin was already a seasoned stage performer. His skill as a comedian developed under the guidance of Fred Karno.

77.  Who is the paragraph about?

a.       Sudeep

b.        Darshan

c.         Puneeth

d.        Charlie Chaplin

78.  Charlie chaplin was born on………

a.     17th April 

b.    6th April

c.      16th April

d.     9th April

79.  Charlie Chaplin was great comedian. tick the right one.

a.    True

b.     False               

c.    No                   

d.    don’t know

80.  Who was his tutor in the art of acting?

a.    Johnson  

b.    Fred Micheal                     

c.     Fred Karno                        

d.   John



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