BRIDGE COURSE 2021-22 COMPETENCIES Class – 5 Subject - English
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Class – 5                     Subject - English


1. recognize the names of professions.

2. listen the instruction and follow it.

3. respond with yes/no to statement.

4. identify the colors shown to them

5. learn proper use of singular and plural forms.

6. predict answer for simple riddle.

7. know the difference between long vowel sound and short vowel sound by reading aloud.

8. express the uses of household articles.

9. identify the pictures related to sports,sportsman and equipments.

10. say familiar words from active vocabulary

11. identify the describing words

12. read the words and classify accordingly.

13. apply weather conditions to day today life

14. arrange the jumbled words correctly.

15. recite poems of their choice and identify the rhyming words.

16. answer with Yes / No for do’s & don’ts.

17. identify the function of parts of the body.

18. identify the action in the picture.

19. know proper use of suffixes.

20. identify the specific sounds of animals..

टिप्पणी पोस्ट करा

आपल्या प्रतिक्रिया आमच्यासाठी महत्वाच्या आहेत.
कांही शंका असल्यास नक्की विचारा..
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