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Degrees of Comparison

There are three types degrees  

1   1.  Superlative Degree

2.   2.   Comparative Degree

3     3.   Positive Degree

1. Superlative Degree: 

1st noun+ verb+ one of the+adj./adv.(superlative) + 2ndnoun

eg. – M.S.Dhoni is one of the best captain in the world.

2. Comparative Degree: 

1stnoun + H.V./verb + adj./adv.( comparative) + than most other + 2nd noun

eg. – M.S.Dhoni is better than most other captain in the world.
3. Positive Degree : 

Very few + 2nd noun + H.V  +as/so+ adjective + as + 1st noun
eg. – Very few captains in the world are as good as M.S.Dhoni.

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