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 UNIT – 8             BUYING BOOKS


helpful (हेल्पफुल्) मदत करणारा                      

hurry (हरि) घाई करणे

once (वन्स्) एकदा                                        

uncle (अंकल) काका

visited (व्हिजिटेड्) भेट दिली, घरी                             

gave (गेव्ह) दिले (give चे भूतकाळ रूप)

wondering (वंडरिंग्) आश्चर्यचकित                  

decided (डिसाईडेड्) निर्धार केला

shop (शॉप) दुकान                                        

replied (रिप्लाईड्) उत्तर दिले

bade (बेड्) आज्ञा मागितली (bid चे भूतकाळ रूप)  

reach (रीच्) पोहोचणे

exclaimed (एक्सक्लेमड्) उद्गारला                  

confused (कन्फ्युज्ड्) गोंधळलेला

shelf (शेल्फ) भिंतीवरील पुढे आलेली फळी        

machine (मशिन) यंत्र

war (वार्) युद्ध                                             

silence (सायलन्स्) शांतता

Answer the following questions :

1. Should Sushma and Ajay buy books only with the money ? What do you think ? Ans: Yes,I think Sushma and Ajay should buy books only with money.

2. Who visited Sushma's house ?

Ans: Sushma's uncle visited her house.

3. What did he want them to buy ?

Ans: He wants them to buy books.

I. Comprehension:

A. Answer in a word, phrase or sentence each :

1. How did the man in the shop help them ?

Ans: The man in the shop helped them by giving information about different types of books.

2. Why did they sit on the floor with the books ?

Ans: They sat on the floor with the books to read some books and decide which to buy.

3. Which book did they buy ?

Ans: They bought a book with many stories and a book with many pictures.

4. What did they do when they went home ?

Ans: After reaching the home they sat on a be and started reading.

I.      Language Activity:

A. Rearrange the sentences in the correct order and write them in the space provided below.

Ans : 

        1. Sushma's uncle gave them some money.                                   

2. Sushma and Ajay went to the book shop

3. They were confused, when they saw many books

4. They could not decide which book to buy

5. The man in the shop helped them.

6. They bought the books.

7. They went home and read the books.

D. Imagine you go to a book shop. Write down what you do there.

Ans: 1. I shall meet the book seller.

2. I shall ask the book seller a book of stories.

3. The book seller will show me some books.

4. I shall select a book of stories.

5. I will pay the book’s bill.

6. I will thank the book-seller.

E. Fill in the boxes with letters using the clues given beside them. When you finish it, read the first column downwards and write the letters in the boxes given below.

F. Rashmi goes to her school library to take a book. Complete her conversations with the librarian using and, or, but in the blanks.

Rashmi : Ma’am, I want to borrow a book.

Librarian : Yes, would you like to have a story book or a book of poems?

Rashmi : I would like to have a story book.

Librarian : What kind of story book? Animals or adventure stories?

Rashmi : I like both,but now I would like to read the Panchatantra.

Librarian : Go to the fourth shelf,there you have both the Panchathantra and Aesop’s Fables.

टिप्पणी पोस्ट करा

आपल्या प्रतिक्रिया आमच्यासाठी महत्वाच्या आहेत.
कांही शंका असल्यास नक्की विचारा..
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