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UNIT - 6




robber -रॉबर्= चोर, दरोडेखोर

find out -फाईंड आउट= शोधून काढणे

stole -स्टोल्= चोरला, चोरली

bravely -ब्रेव्हली= शूरपणे, धीटपणे

towards -टूवर्डस्=...च्या दिशेने

conquer -काँकर्= जिंकणे

grant -ग्रँट= मंजूर करणे

at once -अॅट वन्स्= एका प्रयत्नातच

perform -परफॉर्म = सादर करणे 

fell -फेल्= पडली

receive -रिसिव्ह= मिळणे

jingle -जिंगल= घंटीचा आवाज

worship -वर्शिप= पूजा

ground -ग्राउंड= जमीन

interesting – इंटरेस्टिंग= लक्षवेधक

evil spirit - दुष्ट आत्मा

bold -बोल्ड्= धीट

bought -बॉट= विकत आणले

melodious sound - मेलोडियस साऊंड= मंजूळ आवाज

pea -पी= वाटाणा

groundnut -ग्राऊंडनट= शेंगदाणा

enjoy -एंजॉय= मौज, आनंद लुटणे

eatables -इटेबल्स्= खाद्यपदार्थ

intelligent -इंटेलिजंट्= हुशार

threw -यू= फेकली, फेकून दिले

grab -ग्रॅब= एकदम पकडणे

believe -बिलिव्ह= विश्वास ठेवणे

admired -ॲडमायर्= कौतुक करणे

Answer the following questions:

1. What did the robber steal ?

Ans: The robber stole a temple bell.

2. Who brought the bell to the forest ?

Ans: The robber brought the bell to the forest.

3. What were the villagers afraid of ?

Ans: The villagers were afraid of the sound coming from the forest.

4. What did Meena do to know the truth ?

Ans: Meena went into the forest bravely to know the truth.

5. Why did she ask for monkey ?

Ans : She (Meena) asked the money to perform worship to conquer the evil spirit.

6. What did Meena do with the eatables ?

Ans: Meena placed the eatables under a tree and hid herself.

7. Meena tricked the monkeys to take the bell from them. Was she correct ?

Ans: Meena's trick was correct.


I. Answer the following questions in two or three lines each :

1. Why did the village people begin to leave the village?

Ans: The villagers were afraid of the sound coming from the forest. They thought that there was some evil spirit which might kill them. So they began to leave the village.

2 How did Meena get the bell ?

Ans: When Meena received the money from the village head she bought some eatables and placed them under a tree.When monkeys saw the etables,they threw the bell and ran to pick them up. At that time, Meena grabbed the bell quickly.

II. Language:

A. Use the given words and frame meaningful sentences.

1. robber      came          village

2. tiger          heard         jingle

3. bell fell              ground

4. monkeys  saw   bell

1. A robber came into a village.

2. A tiger heard the jingle of the bell.

3. The bell fell on the ground.

4. A few monkeys saw the bell.

B. Form other sentences substituting the underlined word with those given in brackets.

1. I am a farmer. (teacher, student)

Ans: i. I am a teacher.

       ii. I am a student.

2. You are a player. (boxer, runner)

Ans: i. You are a boxer.

       ii. You are a runner.

3. We are merchants. (painters, servants)

Ans: i. We are painters

       ii. We are servants.

4. He loves books. (sweets, movies)

Ans: i. He loves sweets

       ii. He loves movies.

5. She likes flowers. (music, toys)

Ans: i. She likes music.

       ii. She likes toys.

6. They do not cheat. (smoke, lie)

Ans: i. They do not smoke.

       ii. They do not lie.

C. i) Write the opposites for the following.

1. beautiful  × ugly

2. fast × slow

3. near × far

4. clean × dirty

5. few × more

ii) Use the opposites of the words in the brackets to fill the blanks.

Mandel lived in a beautiful (ugly) place. He thought Peter was good (bad) and told him to look after his cows with love (hate). Peter was honest (dishonest), and always correct (incorrect) in his job.

D. Fill in the blanks choosing suitable words from the box:






not only

but also



    Seetha and Geetha are good friends. Seetha is tall but Geetha is short. Both study for four hours in a day.So they always get good marks in tests. Neither Seetha nor Geetha wastes her time. They are always busy either studying or helping others. Geetha is not only rich but also kind.  

III. Vocabulary :

A.   Fill in the blanks in the following paragraph by supplying the words for the given pictures:


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